Tuesday, 24 November 2015

House names

Naming houses is a tradition which a long history, from Roman villas, to the castles and manor houses of the nobility. In the days before street numbers were common, many more humble abodes received names.

I have been walking my local area collecting names. Thee's such a great variety, ranging from the humorous, to flora and fauna, lots of place names from afar (mainly, but not exclusively from the UK), to deeply personal ones.

One thing I've noticed is the vast majority of named houses are from the Victorian or Federation [Edwardian] periods - around 1900 to 1920 - but not always - some are later, some are clearly whimsical. Sometimes you can see where a name plate once adorned the front wall, but is now gone.

Do you have a house name?

Names I have collected: 

Abingdon, Agrinion, Allambe, Alpine, Antikythera, Arcadia, Assety, Attercliffe
Bayview Cottage, Betonville, Boheme, Bonnie Jean, Bowood, Braeside, Bredbo, Brightampton Caloola, Capricorn, Carinya Lodge, Casa Albanese, Casa Nostra, Cerisy, Chateau "D" Oex, Cpburra, Coorawong, Cruden
Dallas, Dappeto, Dawn, Delhi, Dew Drop Inn, Dunnview
Edelweiss, Elouera, Elysium, Fairfield, Fairview, Florida, Franenstein, Freestone, Frenvilla
G & N Paladino, Gables, Gladstone, Glenara, Glenview, Grosvenor
Hadley, Hickman, High Per Area, Hornby, Humming Bird Cottage
Jacaranda, Joyful
Kia Ora, Kyeema
Lidsdale, Lilyvale, Linden, Lipari, Loganview, Lorna Doone
Maroomba, Maurig View, Maxgate, Menton, Milfordhaven, Mill Cove, Millthorpe, Mimosa, Missabotti, Moloha, Montrose
Often Inn, Oldenburg, Orana, Orwell, Our Happy Home
Raynor, Ravon Cottage, Restalrig, Ridgeway, Rita & Nev's Cottage, Rivendell, Rose Cottage, Rose-Lyn, Rose Villa, Rossmoyne, Rossneath
Sarcherie, Stafford, St Kilda, Strathmore, Sydney Athens
Thame Cottage, The Rest, Travancore, Tullamore
Valpre, Vasanta

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Australian made

There's very little clothing and textile manufacturing left in Australia. It's wonderful to still see this iconic sign at the Koala factory in Arncliffe.

Arncliffe used to be a mix of light manufacturing and working class housing - a working class inner suburb.

Now the factories have all but disappeared as the high rise housing development has encroached. In planning circles they are called "brown fields sites." Once upon a time, the manufacturing workforce could afford to live in these inner-ring suburbs, and their jobs were located nearby, or on public transport corridors.

How long before the small industrial site is swallowed up?

Hats off to the owners of the family business, Koala, for the following statement on their website. It's a really informative website, with a short video(click here)  of their 82 year history, and a photo gallery of the whole process from designing to manufacturing (click here).

Statement by Koala: 

Australian Manufacturing Is Our Future.
We have a single-minded purpose… to keep Australian manufacturing jobs in Australia. This is our primary goal and it’s at the heart of everything we do. We believe that as long as there is a loyal market of Australian customers who value locally-made high-quality products, Koala Clothing will continue to move from strength to strength. We’re proud of the past 80 years and we’re excited about the next 80 years and beyond!