Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Arncliffe Railway Station

above: September 2000

8 Sep 2006 - the old indicator boards - soon to be no more.

above: Iron lace work feature, typical of Victorian architecture

The Illawarra railway line, linking Wollongong and the South Coast with Sydney was talked about and supported from the 1860s. At the 1874 election, the voters of west Botany Municipal District enthusiastically supported those candidates who supported the extension of the railway.
By 1878 the route of the line through Arncliffe was clearly defined, and in on 30 November 1881, was approved by Parliament. The result was a modest population explosion, and a lot of subdivision in the Arncliffe area.

The railway opened in October 1884.

Arncliffe station is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture.

Update 22 Feb 2008. Taken Jan 24, 2007 - The electronic boards arrived. Unfortunately they are almost impossible to read; as the light hits the screens they are illegible. That's progress.