Monday, 7 August 2006

Arncliffe Park Part 1

Arncliffe Park is bound by Wollongong Road, Mitchell St, Hirst St and Broe Avenue. It was originally a Chinese market garden, the property of Kim Too. In March 1889 it was officially proclaimed as a public park.

Before WW1, Wollongong Road grocer, Hugh Wilkins, a Rockdale Council representative 1911-1917, complained bitterly about the lukewarm attitude of police to the "Push" which frequented the park and had attacked "a respectable Chinaman", about footballers undressing in the park, and of people playing cricket and cards on Sundays.

Estate agent Arthur Goddard, a representative of the area 1908 - 1914, criticised the use of the park by open air motion picture operators and the Arncliffe Brass Band playing "ragtime" music in the park on Sundays.

A very big tree in Arncliffe Park
Soccer and cricket are played in the park.

Fog in the park - June 2006

The War Memorial

The Avenue of trees, planted about 1904

Arncliffe Park Part 2

Local women chat in the park

Local men chat in the park

The cricket nets

I don't know what this is, but suspect it might be the base of an old lamp post.

Children's playground