Friday, 12 December 2008

The A to Z of 2205: Denison St

Denison St was named after Sir William Denison, Governor of NSW 1855-1861. (The Origins of Street Names in the Municipality of Rockdale, compiled by Alderman Ron Rathbone, 1990)

Below: View over Turrella towards Turrella Reserve and the M5East motorway ventilation stack.

Below: Beyond the intersection with Realm St, Denison narrows.

Below: Steps down from Hill St, which is a cul de sac fnishing at a sanstone outcrop

Below: Looking along Denison towards Alexandra St

Below: Shed. or house?
Below: Towards the shop on the intersection with Alexandra St.

Below: Looking back along Denison from Alexandra St

Below: Trees, which have an unusual growth pattern, probably due to repeated Council or electricity company prunings.

Below: I love this afternoon reflection from the coloured glass in this older weatherboard house.

Below: Postcode 2205 still has several independent corner shops. Many areas have lost their corner shops, or in the case of newer suburbs never had them.

Photos taken 17 August 2008

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