Sunday, 29 March 2009

The A to Z of 2205: Duncan St

Duncan St, on the eastern side of the Princes Highway , was named by Mrs Martha McInnes, who subdivided this area as the Innesdale Estate, after Duncan McLennan, her son by a previous marriage.

Above: View from Kyle St

Above: View towards Sydney Airport from the high part of the street towards West Botany St.

Below: Looking back towards Kyle St from the same point.

Below: The bend as Duncan St joins West Botany St. The large building is the Mercure (formerly Hilton) Hotel

Below: The Companionship of the Shopping Trolleys in Ajax reserve, looking towards the Princes Highway. This Reserve is over the top of the South West Ocean Outfall Tunnel, which comes across from Argyle St (see Argyle St entry)

Above: Ajax Reserve
Below: Looking from Ajax Reserve to the elevated tunnel on the other side of the Princes Highway.

Below: Looking back up Duncan St from the bend near West Botany St

Below: From West Botany St

Below: The air vent in West Botany St (I call it the Fart Tower) from Duncan St

Below: A sandstone two-storey semi, and next-door, perhaps a work in progress!

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