Sunday, 23 March 2008

Arncliffe Community Life Centre

Formerly the The Body of Christ Mission Centre

From their website :

"The church was founded by Pastor Elizabeth Brookshaw in 1982, just after her daughter was miraculously raised from the dead. From this incident, her whole family surrendered their whole lives to God and committed themselves to true repentance. From here, her whole family started to gather together to pray and worship God. This home fellowship continued to grow into a church that was known by the name of The Body of Christ Mission Centre and was blessed with a 2700 square metre property in Arncliffe, Sydney.In November 2003, the senior leadership of the church was handed over to her son and daughter-in-law; Ben & Cisca Irawan, leading a new generation church with a Godly influence. In November 2004, the church formally changed its name to Life Centre. "

The congregants appear to be mainly Indonesian, and there are weekly services held in Indonesian.

What they believe:

A taster:

“We firmly stand against and denounce homosexuality, adultery, sexual perversion, same-sex marriages, pornography, gambling, drug use & partaking of intoxicants, physical abuse, satanism, or divination in any form.”

If all that makes your head hurt, you can have it read, utilising the services of their own psychological service - HUM Psychology (Headz Up Ministeries) - see here.

One of the buildings is an old Federation style house, address 19 Dowling St.

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