Monday, 10 November 2008

The A to Z of 2205: Charles St

Charles St - rather undistinguished. The factory seems neglected, which is a shame because one of the good things about suburbs like Arncliffe is that they have provided a mix of blue-colour jobs and affordable residences. Not oo long ago a single blue-colour worker could afford a house and family in suurns like this. Increasingly, two white-collar jobs or background resources are needed to buy the simplest of houses, and jobs become casual and part-time service jobs, or disappear into distant suburbs.

Named after Mr Charles Thomas Richardson who subdivided this area as the Wickham Estate.(The Origins of Street Names in the Municipality of Rockdale, compiled by Alderman Ron Rathbone, 1990)

Below: The end of Charles St between Wickham St and the bend before Kyle St is neat, well-cared for houses.

Below: After the bend, the former foundry dominates one side of Charles St.

Photos taken 17 August 2008

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