Monday, 8 June 2009

A to Z of 2205: Edward St

Edward St is named after Edward Manicombe Farleigh of "Cairnsfoot". It was formerly part of the Cairnsfoot Estate.

Below: A huge tibouchina plant at the back of the old Streets building.

Below: This factory is on the corner of Hirst St. It seems to be a furniture upholsterer - I often see timber frames of sofas being unloaded.

Below: From Hirst St

Below: former St David's Anglican church, now home to St George potters.

Below: Looking towards Willington St

Below: looking from Willington St

Below: At the bend

Photos taken 24 August 2008

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Anonymous said...

The old blue factory in one of your pictures used to be the IXL factory that made Kelso wheel barrows. There was a large fire there in the late 60's early 70's after which it was rebuilt. I can still remember the gas bottles exploding from the intensity of the fire and watching the hot scraps of metal shooting off into the night air, as a young tacker it was very scary.