Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A to Z of 2205: Eden St

Eden St was originall part of Rocky Point Road (Princes Highway) before its diversion. Ron Rathbone says it could just be a romantic name alluding to the many market gardens in the area. It runs along the eastern side of the railway line. The white apartment block is built on the land which used to surround the large house, Glenwood.

Below: The cul de sac end of Eden St which is near where the M5 tunnel comes out at the Princes Highway.

Below: The sound barriers of the M5 tunnel exit.

Below: The Masjid Darul Imaan Mosque. For more on this mosque, see here.
Below: Looking along Eden St from Burrows St

Below: The Housing Commission (now department of Housing) flats which face Princes Highway, and back onto Eden St. They were opened in 1949.

Photo taken at opening.
Below: Glenwood. Despite losing its grounds to apartments, Glenwood managed to survive, unlike some of the other beautiful grand houses around Arncliffe. The original house was also converted into apartments.
Below: Looking north towards Burrows St

Below: Lookign towards Forest Rd, with the new apartment development on the corner. Across Forest Rd is St Franci Xavier Catholic Church and school.
Below: Eden St houses the Consulate of the Republic of Vanuatu.
Below: From Forest Rd

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FoxyMoron said...

I lived in a Housing Commission flat in Eden Street in the late 80s, wish I'd stayed there. Those flats were very basic but really well built.