Sunday, 23 August 2009

The A to Z of 2205 : Fairview St

Fairview St runs between Fripp St and Wolli Creek Road. It was named after "Fairview", the Wollongong Rd home of Alexander Milsop. Milsop was the first Mayor of neighbouring municipality, Hurstville.

Below: Looking down Fairview St from Wolli Creek Rd.

Below: Political viewpoints near Wilson Rd

Below: Feed the birds at Wilson Rd

Below: The back of Macquarie Lodge, the Salvation Army Aged Care residence which fronts on Wollongong Rd - the former grand house 'Dapeto' is part of the complex.

Below: These boats seem permanently parked in the street.

Below: Front yard sculptural installation

Below: Olive trees aren't a common front yard tree, but these ones look terrific in front of a traditional California Bungalow.

Below: Plastic bottle tree?

Below: Garden at the corner of Fripp St

Below: Looking back up Fairview St from Fripp St


Jim said...

You finally got around to my street and you managed to capture a shot of my house too. Excellent.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Ann said...

Haven't read this blog for ages, you've already covered two streets in which I used to live - Duncan and Eden, Eden has changed a lot, the house that we had half of has been replaced by one of the unit developments and I'm not sure if the old house right on top of the hill in Duncan street is still there (it was a couple of years back) but it may have been replaced wth something larger and newer.

Must keep an eye on your progress so that I can get the lawn mowed before you reach S.