Monday, 13 June 2011

The A to Z of 2205: Farrar St

Farrar St - named after Alderman F.H. Farrar, MBE, an alderman of Rockdale Council 1920-28. Previously called Gordon St. (Source: The origins of the street names of the municipality of Rockdale. Compiled by Alderman R.W. Rathbone, 1990)

It's a pretty street, running between Forest Rd and Wollongong Rd, with some lovely older houses. The most distinctive feature is the old fire station on the Forest Rd corner.

From Forest Road looking down Farrar St

The old Arncliffe fire station, on the corner of Farrar St and Forest Rd. Now a preschool

Panoram of the old fire station

Looking down Farrar St from Forest Rd end

It is very unusual to find a tennis court in the suburbs these days. I must revisit soon to see if this has been developed!

A lovely sandstone fence. The house has nice views because Farrar St is at the top of the Forest Rd ridge

A tranquil garden setting

From Wollongong Rd end

From Wollongong Rd end

From Wollongong Rd end


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Ben said...

I know this street very well, my kids went to the Preschool, My wife works at the Preschool and I prepared the DA to council so that they could accommodate more children, with funding provided by both State and Federal Govts.

Anonymous said...

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