Friday, 22 February 2008

Arncliffe Park Part 3

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Above: Tai Chi 25 August 2006
Early autumn, February 2007
Regrassing the cricket pitch 8 Feb 2008


Anonymous said...

Had a call from an old school friend from St. Francis Xavier's School, 60's era. Feeling rather nostalgic I surfed the web for info on Arncliffe and found your site. Really great looking at all those photos. Can remember some of those buildings used travel past some of them going to & from school. I actually lived in Atkinson Street. So spent more time in Gardiners Park than Arncliffe Park. Was such a great area to grow up in. Revisited a few years back and took photos, much has changed. I was actually born at Rosslyn Hospital so Arncliffe will always be home in a way. Nice to see someone really loves where they live. cheers Mary T, Bega NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi there I also was born in Roslyn Private Hospital on the 3rd of September 1928.
I grew up in homes in Duncan st.,Waratah st. and Mount st.
I began school at Arncliffe primary school.
My father was a fireman at Arncluiffe fire station.
I still feel like an Arncliffe boy.
Robert Sinclair