Monday, 25 February 2008

Victorian Domestic Architecture: some more modest examples!

Modified Victorian cottages, Wollongong Rd

'Tardis' , Stanley St (bigger inside than it looks on the outside, just like Dr Who's police phone box, I guess!
Victoria St
Old coach house/stables at rear of Victoria St terrace

78 Wollongong Rd

Wollongong Rd
Semis, Stanley St
Semis, Stanley St

71 Hirst St

23 Walters St

16 and 18 Wollongong Rd

16 Mitchell St. A lovely modest weatherboard cottage

9 Dowling St

1 Dowling St

3-4 Mitchell St. Terrace-style semis


CaBaCuRl said...

Yes, Sally, you were so right...there is lots to interest me here, in your most recent posts. Many of them are familiar, including the 2 in Dowling St, as our street, Horsell Ave, runs off Dowling St opposite no 9. I spent a lot of time in no 5, as i knew the family who lived there, Mr and Mrs Hull.They had 2 daughters Lesley and Jean, who my mum knew very well.Lesley had 2 daughters, Pam and may even know Pam, as she was very active in Federation. Oh , she was Pam Gregg but I think she later married. When Jeanette married "Danny" Daniels, they lived there for many years, but i know the place has been sold.
No.9 was owned by the Maxwell family, and was for many years an absolute tip of a place.
I've left a comment on Teluba, and will ask Mum if she can remember anything.

Unknown said...

The photos are wonderful as always Sally. Just a note about the Dowling Street shots. The one you have labelled as 5 Dowling Street is in fact 1 Dowling Street (which has had a first floor extension and doesn't look like this anymore). I know this as I live in #5. #5 and #9 are next door to each other as #9 is on a double block.

Sally said...

Thanks Caba and Leah! Fixed it.