Monday, 25 February 2008

Victorian Domestic Architecture: Belmont and Fairview, built 1881

Fairview. 197 Wollongong Rd

Belmont: 215 Wollongong Rd

Brothers Thomas and Alexander Milsop were attracted to Australia in 1852 by gold discoveries in Victoria. They failed to make their fortunes there or in New Zealand. They then struck it rich on the Kurrajong goldfield near Forbes in NSW.

The Milsop brothers moved to Wollongong Rd in 1881, purchasing six acres each and erecting two identical houses, Belmont and Fairview. Alexander became the first Mayor of Hurstville.

I don't know anything about their current use, but supect they are either boarding houses, halfway houses or some kind of rehabilitation centres.

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Anonymous said...

The Milsop brothers built both Fairview and Belmont in about 1884. Fairview was used as a sheltered workshop and hostel for disabled people until the mid 1980's. It was then sold and is currently used for furnished accommodation. Belmont was badly bastardised in the late 50's early 60's. It was under threat of demolition until the NSW Health Department purchased the property and restored it in the mid 80's. Saving what is one of the best examples of Victorian architecture in Arncliffe.
If you require more information about the history of the area you can contact the Rockdale District Heritage Association at