Thursday, 7 August 2008

The A to Z of 2205: Argyle St

Named after the county of Argyll in Scotland, birthplace of John McInnes who subdivided this area as the Innesdale Estate.(The Origins of Street Names in the Municipality of Rockdale, compiled by Alderman Ron Rathbone, 1990)

Part 1: The residential end

Below: At the Ann St end, the street sign is one of the older black and white variety
Below: Nothing but units in the stretch between Allen and Ann Sts.
Below: looking from Allen St towards Ann St
Below: from Ann St
Part 2: The Other End

Below: The end of Arglye St looking from Allen At. It goes around the corner at then end and emerges on the Princes Highway.

Below: Looking towards the Princes Highway
Below: The most interesting thing about Argyle St is that it has a "mound" cutting off one end from the other. It is an elevated section of the Southern and Western Ocean Outfall Sewerage pipes.

Below: The next bit of Argyle taken from on top of the sewer
Below: Lookign along the sewer, back to the Princes Highway. You can see the minaret of Al-Zahra mosque.
Below: The last stretch of Argyle St
Below: From Princes Highway

Below: Looking towards the sewer
Below: The Princes Highway at the end
Below: From Allen St to the sewer

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Photos taken 03 and 10 August 2008

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