Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The A to Z of 2205: Avenal St, Arncliffe

Named after a castle in Scotland. Most streets in this subdivision have Scottish names. (The Origins of Street Names in the Municipality of Rockdale, compiled by Alderman Ron Rathbone, 1990)

Our first street on the "other" (eastern) side of the Princes Highway.

Below: I don't know what the red border around the street sign means. This is at the West Botany St end.
Below: The street sign at the Princes Highway end is obscured by tree foliage.
Below: Looking from the Princes highway. Arncliffe Public School is on the left. It has frontages on Princes Highway (elevated), Avenal St and Segenhoe St. More views will be provided at those entries.
Below: Arncliffe Public School - the stairs lead to the path and footbridge across the Princes Highway.
Below: The original school house at Arncliffe Public School is still standing in the grounds of the present school. It is the oldest school in the St George district. In 1877 residents petitioned to have a school opened in the are. It opened on 12 July 1880, in the stone building, built to accommodate 135 children, with qn attached teachers' residence. Then known as West Botany Public School, its name was changed to Arncliffe in September 1885.
Below: Before school traffic jam in Avenal St. With more and more people shopping around for schools, and greater cotton-wooling of kids, the "school drop off" is a relatively recent phenomenon. In days past few kids were driven to school; most walked or cycled.
Below: Kiss and drop zone, with 15 min parking.
Below: View back towards the Princes Highway
Below: View from near the top of the ridge at Segenhoe St towards West Botany St and over Sydney airport. Despite its proximity to the airport, Arncliffe gets very little aircraft noise. The north-south parallel runways are further north at Sydneham. This part of Arncliffe is closer to the east-west flightpath, which is not used as much.
Below: This backyard displays the older style black and white wooden street signs
Below: A classic fibro house and wooden paling back (or side) yard fence, and corrugated iron gate
Below: Street view from West Botany St
Below: Also from West Botany St
Below: The Segenhoe St frontage of frontage of "Teluba" , occupying the corner of Avenal and Segenhoe Sts. It is owned by the DEpartment of Education and Training, used as a Regional Office. It was once Arncliffe Intermediate Girls High School, until the late 1960s/early 1970s when it closed.

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Anonymous said...

Love the school photos. My kids go there so know all about the 8:45 traffic jams and double (and even triple!) parking mayhem!

Unknown said...

Hi there

Love your blog - we are looking to buy in the area and stumbled across it. Can you provide an y info about hill street - especially aircraft noise and M5 exhaust? Any feedback would be gratefully received. regards kevin and janet