Friday, 15 August 2008

The A to Z of 2205: Barden St, Arncliffe

Named after Frederick Barden, early Arncliffe settler and owner of the "Highbury Barn" Inn, who subdivided this area. (The Origins of Street Names in the Municipality of Rockdale, compiled by Alderman Ron Rathbone, 1990)

Below: From Station St towards Forest Rd
Below: Looking back towards Station St along the elevated footpath
Below: Under the cliff where the elevated footpath is
Below: Coronation Hall. There is a playgroup and various activities run by the YMCA from the hall. I had my 6th class "graduation dance" here in 1968!
Below: From Forest Rd. Sheridan, a manchester manufacturer, has a factory outlet shop here. At one stage it was a Blockbuster video store.

Below: The modest headquarters of an astounding artist in stained glass, Kevin Little. See my photo essay on him here.
Below: Kevin Little at work in his studio

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Photos taken 11 Nov 2006 (Kevin), 07 & 10 August 2008

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