Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten - Martin St Turrella

I came across this sign down by the railway line at Turrella, (at the end of Rickard St I think). Nice to see an acknowledgement of what went before. It loks like the sign may be a bit forgotten and neglected though! It would be great if there were something in the Almond St Reserve.

A big thanks to all the locals with such vast knowledge who let me know about the history of Almond St (see previous post).

Also, one corrspondent, Vik, has put up a page showing us the BEAUTIFUL exterior and interior of Glenwood in Eden St. <--------Click on the link to go to Vik's page. Coming soon - an update on Dapeto with the work taking place there now, and some new photos in the Wolli Creek/Tempe House area.

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