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The A to Z of 2205: Athelstane Ave, Arncliffe

One of the fine houses along Wollongong Rd was "Athelstane", built by William George Judd. Judd left school at ageseven, later worked in the brick pits of St Peters and attended school at night. He became an egga nd butter salesmanbeofre opening a produce store. By the late 1870s he had obtained a financial interest in the district's brickworks. he was elected to Rockdale Council in 1882 and served several tems as Mayor. In 1906 he was appointed the first president of Sutherland Shire.

After World War Two, the Department of Education resumed the land that "Athelstane" was on, desite the objections of Judd's son and daughter-in-law who lived there still and did not want to sell. Temporary buildings were erected. Students were transferred from nearby Wilsons Road Public School, which was too small. Athelstane Public School opened on 20 June 1952, and the old house demolished in September 1954. The school operated from a conglomeration of temporary weatherboard (some of which are still there) and aluminium structures until 1973 when a campaign by arents and teachers resulted in a new school being built.

Judd had subdivided his land, which was seven acres, one rood and twenty-four perches and put in Athelsatnd and Horsell Avenues.

Today I go to Athelstane whenever there is an election on in order to vote.

Below: State election March 2007. Athelstane Avenue entrance.
Below: Looking along Athelstane Avenue from Wollongong Rd. The school is on the right. In 1968 Mum and dad considered buying the house on the left, 1 Athelstane Avenue. They bought in Bexley instead.

Below: Interesting gate
Below: I'm always a sucker for jasmine, even though it rambles everywhere and can take over your garden! Here's a nice sunny spot on this fence. The house is California Bungalow style.
Below: Athelstane Avenue is now a dead-end where it meets Hirst St, Fripp St, Lorraine Avenue and John St at the roundabout.
Below: From the dead-end looking towards Wollongong Rd

Below: This beautiful shrub was in the front garden of a house in Athelstane Avenue. I posted it on Sydney Daily Photo and it emerged that it is a Leucospermum from South Africa. To keep an eye on this plant, visit Sydney Daily Photo Extra.

Below: Here is a sub-divided block, where one house is built behind, and there is access along a side easement.

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Photos taken 04 Aug 2008 (and Mar 2007)

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