Sunday, 10 August 2008

The A to Z of 2205: Atkinson Lane, Arncliffe

Atkinson Lane runs off Atkinson St. It leads down to a magnificent view of Gardiner Park (which is in Banksia (postcode 2216). Unexpectedly, there are some houses with their frontages onto the lane, probably having been subdvided from land on Atkinson St, or Knight St. There are also soem Knight St backyards.
Below: The view from Atkinson St, looking over Botany Bay towards Kurnell. Atkinson St is on the highest point of the ridge along which Forest Rd runs.
Below: The view looking back towards Atkinson St. Gardiner Park is on the left.
Below: Gardiner Park below
Below: A Knight St backyard, with lemon tree and rotary clothes line (Hills Hoist)
Below: Atkinson Lane frontage continue along the top of Gardiner Park

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Photos taken 04 August 2008

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Anonymous said...

Sure does bring back memories.
Lived on the left hand side of the Lane in an old weatherboard house...all built up now.. Spent many hours playing on the 'rocks' as we called the ledge at the back of the Knight St. houses. All the houses on left of Lane are built on the backyards of Knight St. Only the one we lived in faced Atkinson. The two houses facing the park on the bottom right of Lane were built in the 1960's. That was the back end of the block on the right of Lane that once had a large weatherboard my time needed some repairs....but had been one of the old gracious houses of its day. The park was our backyard.....a wonderful place to grow up. I was also like another on this site born at Rosslyn hospital. Great site...there sure are some gorgeous buldings in Arncliffe. Mary